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Troubleshooting WebRTC

Test Supported Resolutions for your WebCam

Here’s a very handly link to test what resolutions your webcam supports:

WebRTC Internals – browser diagnostics

  • In Chrome, go to chrome://webrtc-internals/
  • In Firefox, go to about:webrtc

This will show you more details on your WebRTC connection and can help to troubleshoot any issues.


Here’s a pretty good explanation of STUN, TURN and ICE.

Multiple NICs or Non-standard NAT

Some hosting facilities’ virtual servers may not be able to transmit their public/private IP addresses to Red5 Pro server. This information is necessary for the ICE negotiation in WebRTC. In some cases you may need to give the Red5 Pro server a little help by “forcing” these IP assignments. To do so, modify the {red5pro}/conf/ file. Uncomment the following lines and modify them with your server’s public and private IP addresses.

Modify red5pro/conf/, replacing and with the server’s public and private IP addresses, respectively.

 # Forcing a public IP address

 # Forcing a private IP address

If you are still having ICE failures, you may also need to enable port availability checking by uncommenting:

# Configure port availability checking

Publishing without an SSL Certificate

Safari browser develop, WebRTC options include Allow Media Capture on Insecure Sites which will enable publish/subscribe testing without SSL.