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If you’ve used our documentation system before, you’ll notice things have been moved around in a more intuitive way!

In the coming months, we’ll be adding more helpful (and updated) documentation.

Site Help

If you’ve reached this page from an old link, here are some quick tips to hopefully get you where you wanted to go!

The search functionality is also working now, so you should be able to search and find what you’re looking for that way.

Red5 Cloud

Red5 Cloud is new and all of its documentation is found in the Red5 Cloud section. You can jump here to take a look.

Red5 Pro Server

Red5 Pro Server documentation is being redone. The newest documentation is now under the Red5 Pro section. You can jump here to take a look. We are migrating all of our documentation from the older sections listed below into this newer section. We are cleaning and updating the documentation as we go so it will take a little while before all of the documentation is moved to the new section.

Server Installation documentation can be found here. The installation documentation also includes the SSL configuration as well as server optimization.

Server API docs are found here.

Serverside Guides are found here.

Red5 Pro SDKs

Most of the SDK documentation is now found in the developer documentation section.

There is also some protocol-specific documentation in this section.


Stream Manager and autoscale overview can be found here

Installation docs can be found here

Autoscale API documentation can be found here

Some specific features which employ autoscaling include transcoding and relay nodes.

We welcome your (constructive) feedback! Please email us with any documentation suggestions – including redirects to add to this page!