Red5 Product Comparison

Red5 Product comparison

FeatureDescriptionRed5 Open SourceRed5 ProRed5 Cloud 1.0
RTMP IncomingReal-Time Messaging Protocol IncomingRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
RTMP OutgoingReal-Time Messaging Protocol OutgoingRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
RTMPSReal-Time Messaging Protocol SecureRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
RTMPEReal-Time Messaging Protocol EncryptionRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
WebRTC Websocket IncomingWebRTC Websocket IncomingRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
WebRTC Websocket OutgoingWebRTC Websocket OutgoingRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
WebRTC WHIPWebRTC HTTP Ingress ProtocolRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
WebRTC WHEPWebRTC HTTP Egress ProtocolRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
RTSP TCP IncomingReal-time Streaming Protocol TCP IncomingRed5 Logo-favicon
RTSP TCP OutgoingReal-time Streaming Protocol TCP OutgoingRed5 Logo-favicon
RTSP UDP IncomingReal-time Streaming Protocol UDP IncomingRed5 Logo-favicon
RTSP UDP OutgoingReal-time Streaming Protocol UDP OutgoingRed5 Logo-favicon
RTP IncomingReal-time Transport ProtocolRed5 Logo-favicon
RTP OutgoingReal-time Transport ProtocolRed5 Logo-favicon
HLS OutputHTTP Live Streaming OutputRed5 Logo-favicon
SRT IncomingSecure Reliable Transport IncomingRed5 Logo-favicon
MPEG-TS TCP IncomingMPEG Transport Stream TCP IncomingRed5 Logo-favicon
MPEG-TS TCP OutgoingMPEG Transport Stream TCP OutgoingRed5 Logo-favicon
MPEG-TS UDP IncomingMPEG Transport Stream UDP IncomingRed5 Logo-favicon
MPEG-TS UDP Multicast IncomingMPEG Transport Stream UDP Multicast IncomingRed5 Logo-favicon
MPEG-TS UDP OutgoingMPEG Transport Stream UDP OutgoingRed5 Logo-favicon
MPEG-TS UDP Multicast OutgoingMPEG Transport Stream UDP Multicast OutgoingRed5 Logo-favicon
Zixi IncomingZixi Protocol IncomingRed5 Logo-favicon
Zixi OutgoingZixi Protocol OutgoingRed5 Logo-favicon
Live StreamingStream live audio and video content.Red5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
RecordingRecord live streams for later playback or VOD.Red5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
Cloud StorageUpload Recordings to S3 Compatible Object StorageRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
Second ScreenProvide synchronized companion experiences for viewers.Red5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
AutoscalingAutomatically scale resources based on demand on supported cloudsRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
ClusteringDistribute workloads across multiple servers for high availability.Red5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
Management APIManage the cluster, scaling and historical/live stats via REST APIRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
Mixer SupportCombine multiple streams into a single output.Red5 Logo-favicon
Interstitial Media InsertionInsert ads or other content dynamically into streams.Red5 Logo-favicon
Stream SwitchingSwitch stream without reconnectingRed5 Logo-favicon
DRMDigital Rights Management IntegrationsRed5 Logo-favicon
CauldronFramework for developing custom streaming applications.Red5 Logo-favicon
AuthenticationSecure access to streams and control user permissions.Red5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
Social Media Stream PusherPush streams directly to social media platforms.Red5 Logo-favicon
VOD Playback from CloudstorageDeliver VOD content from cloud storage.Red5 Logo-favicon
Stream Name AliasingCreate user-friendly names for streams.Red5 Logo-favicon
Transcoding and Adaptive BitrateDeliver streams in multiple resolutions and formats for optimal playback.Red5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
WebhooksSend real-time notifications about stream events.Red5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
MetadataGeneric Metadata SupportRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
KLV MetadataKLV Metadata SupportRed5 Logo-favicon
Extended DocumentationComprehensive documentation and guides.Red5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
Customer SupportDedicated customer support with multiple channels.Red5 Logo-faviconRed5 Logo-favicon
Red5 ManagedRed5 DevOps Manages the DeploymentsRed5 Logo-favicon
Web ManagementWeb Front-end for System Configuration and ManagementRed5 Logo-favicon