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Signing Up for Red5 Cloud

Sign Up by choosing a plan

To Sign Up for Red5 Cloud go to the Red5 Cloud Home page at Limited Access Only and click the “Sign Up” button (1) on one of the available plans. If you are an Enterprise customer, click the “Contact Us” button (2). If you’d like to try Red5 Cloud for free, click the “Free Trial” button (3).

Enter your account details

Enter your account details, including your First (1) and Last (2) Name, Email Address (3), Password (4), and Password Confirmation (5). Accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy (6). Finalize the account creation by clicking the “Create Account” button (7).

Select billing plan and business account

Select whether you want a Monthly or Annual Plan (1), and, if purchasing for a business, select (2).

Purchasing a Personal Account

Enter your billing information

For a Personal Account, enter your Credit Card Holder Name (1), the Expiration Date (2), and the CVC code (3). Complete the account setup process by clicking “Build Your Service” (4).

Purchasing for a Business

Enter your business billing information

When purchasing for a business, enter the Business Name (1), the City (2), State (3), Postal Code (4), and then select the Country of the Business in the dropdown (5).

Enter your business billing information continued

If the business is in the EU, also select the EU Country (1). Enter the Address of the business (2) and (3), the Tax ID or VAT Number (4). Add the name of the Credit Card holder (5), the Card Number (6), the Expiration Date (7), and the CVC code (8). Complete the account setup process by clicking “Build Your Service” (9).

Select your default region

Select your default region from the list (1), and then click “Next” (2). The default region is where the Stream Manager will be configured, it should be selected based on the location of your audience.

Wait for your deployment to complete

Wait for your deployment to be setup in your selected region. The deployment process typically takes 15 minutes or less, but it can take up to 20. If you experience any issues during the deployment process, you can click “Contact Support” (1) to get help. Once the deployment is complete, you will be directed to a page that will test a simple publish and subscribe using your webcam.

Test your deployment

Allow the page to access your webcam (1).

Test your deployment continued

After you allowed access to your webcam you will see a video of yourself taken locally (1) and a video of yourself streamed from your Red5 Cloud deployment (2). If you see both videos, your deployment is working correctly. Click “Done” (3) to finish the sign-up process.

With your account setup complete, you can now start using Red5 Cloud to stream live video to your audience. Continue to learn how to use Red5 Cloud by proceeding to the Step-by-Step from Zero to Streaming with Red5 Cloud or by exploring the Red5 Cloud User’s Guide.