Red5 Documentation

Red5 Cloud Support

Red5 offers comprehensive support to ensure that developers and businesses can effectively utilize their streaming solutions. The support services are designed to assist users at every stage of their development and deployment processes, providing timely and effective solutions to any issues that may arise.


The Red5 Cloud documentation, which you are reading now, is a valuable resource for users looking to learn more about the platform and its features. The documentation provides detailed information on how to set up and configure Red5 Cloud, as well as how to use its various components. It is an essential tool for developers and businesses looking to get the most out of their streaming solutions.

Support Portal

The primary channel for support is the Red5 Support Portal, accessible at the Customer Support Portal. The Support Portal is a centralized platform where users can submit tickets, track the progress of their requests, and access FAQs. It is an essential tool for receiving structured and detailed support from the Red5 team.

Email Support

For more direct communication, users can reach out to the support team via email at Email support is linked with the support portal and is ideal for users who prefer using email over a web portal. The support team is responsive and dedicated to providing thorough assistance to resolve any issues.

Slack Community

Additionally, Red5 maintains an active Slack community at This platform allows users to engage with both the Red5 support team and other developers. The Slack channel is a valuable resource for real-time communication, quick tips, and collaborative problem-solving. It is especially useful for developers looking to connect with peers and share insights or solutions.