TrueTime Solutions

TrueTime Solutions™

Real-time WebRTC Toolkit

Build interactive apps for scalable live streaming at the speed of thought


Mix and match the open source Red5 TrueTime Solutions™ to create next-generation streaming apps like you’ve never seen before. Engage your customers with new products and possibilities.





Video Revolution

We’re on the cusp of the biggest video revolution since the dawn of the talkies. TrueTime Solutions™ will make interactive streaming with data overlays and imperceptible latency as ubiquitous as movie nights.

User-defined views and camera angles

Goalie view? Puck view? Or follow your favorite player. Maybe all three. It’s your choice, and changing your mind is easy and fast. You won’t miss a moment.

Frame-perfect data overlays

Whether you need the weather conditions near your security camera or the speed and trajectory of a pitch, it’s all there onscreen with your video. Keep your eyes on the action.

Shared experiences

Watching the game is more fun with friends, even when you’re watching from home. Connecting with colleagues on-the-go saves time. Bring everyone together.

Speed and synchronization

No more spoilers. Faster emergency response times. Fair play with wagers. With latency that’s imperceptible and perfectly synchronized streams for everyone involved, Red5 TrueTime Solutions™ is changing the game.

Speed of Thought

Offer up experiences with such low latency that it’s imperceptible to the human eye. This is the Speed of Thought.

Trusted Partners

Our partners complete the puzzle with DRM protection, hardware encoding, reliable cloud hosting, and more.