Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

RTSP Protocol

RTSP Protocol

Deliver fast, high-quality, fully scalable, secure Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) content from thousands of IP cameras, robots, drones, and more to viewers in milliseconds.

RTSP streaming at scale ? Solved.
Broadcast WebRTC video to millions in under 250 milliseconds.

Broadcast RTSP video to WebRTC viewers, fully encrypted, in under 250 milliseconds.

With Red5 Pro’s support for the RTSP protocol, create real-time surveillance apps to view numerous live streams with sub-250 millisecond latency. Send fully encrypted, high-quality streams viewable across all devices with frame-accurate synchronization of live metadata from Red5 Pro streaming media servers.

Real-Time RTSP Protocol Latency

Red5 reduces end-to-end latency to a range of 50-250ms, allowing for real-time monitoring of critical events to become a reality. No delays means your team can respond quicker.

Live Media Server Scalability

Red5 server software scales to hundreds of thousands of incoming RTSP video streams.


Customize your apps with our iOS, Android, Linux, and Desktop SDKs. Deploying infrastructure where you choose: in your data center/cloud of choice, including private 5G MECs.

Customers need sub-second RTSP media streams that scale across many industries.

Public Safety, Traffic Monitoring, Smart Cities, Surveillance, Military, and Government 

Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Media Servers

Ultra-Low Latency

Red5’s RTSP video streaming solution sends live video streams anywhere across the world from IP cameras to viewers in near-instant, sub-250 milliseconds of round trip latency.

Automatic Scaling

Our cross-cloud-based autoscaling solution automatically scales your media servers up and down in real time to deliver RTSP protocol media streams from thousands of IP cameras to real-time viewers using multiple streaming protocols.

Quality Streams

Industry-first WebRTC Adaptive Bitrate streaming (ABR) adjusts to network conditions and NACK resends critical dropped packets from the media server for consistent, high quality audio and video content even in the most difficult conditions.

Multi-Browser Support

Frame accurate metadata synchronization across the RTSP protocol provides additional information synchronized with the media stream via multiple metadata formats such as KLV, JSON, and binary.

Secure Streaming

Create fully encrypted, peer-to-peer WebRTC connections with deep integration in your own authentication systems.

Milliseconds to millions