MultiView for Fans

TrueTime MultiView™

for Fans

Your entertainment experience. Your way.


With TrueTime MultiView™ for Fans, there are no limits. Take control of your display with multiple camera views, angles, and timelines, both in venue and at home.

Mix-and-Match with other TrueTime Solutions Products

Pair with TrueTime DataSync™, TrueTime Production™, TrueTime WatchParty™, and TrueTime Studio™ for a full suite of real-time live streaming tools.

Native SDKs

Engage your full fanbase with apps for web, Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Go beyond 2D experiences with Unity and Unreal Engine.

Open Standards

TrueTime MutiView™ relies on open standards, like WebRTC, WHIP/WHEP, and KLV.

Deploy Anywhere

Leverage our portable architecture to deploy in your data center, cloud, or edge compute center of choice.


Use Cases

Follow your favorite golfer. Watch just a single hole. Switch commentaries on the fly. It’s all perfectly synchronized and with minimal latency. Snipitz created the ultimate in customized viewer experiences for Legends of the LGPA.


Trusted Partners

Our partners round out the team with DRM protection, hardware encoding, reliable cloud hosting, and more.