RTMP Server

RTMP Server

Ingest Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) live streams from hardware and software encoders to support low latency streaming to millions in milliseconds.

Live RTMP streaming at scale? Solved

Support low latency streaming with the best RTMP video streaming platform.

Highly scalable RTMP server infrastructure for the most common ingest streaming protocol. With Red5 Pro’s RTMP Server technology, deliver live video streams to WebRTC viewers with sub-250 millisecond latency. Send secure, high-quality, low latency video over any internet connection to your streaming applications on all devices. The RTMP protocol is the legacy standard streaming protocol and is widely supported across all major software and hardware encoders.

Red5 was the first in the industry to reverse engineer RTMP, creating an open source RTMP server alternative to Adobe’s Flash Communication server. Today RTMP streams continue to be one of the most common streaming video protocols both for RTMP servers and RTMP clients.

Real-Time Latency

Red5 delivers low latency video streaming in a range of 50-250ms, allowing seamless interactivity to become a reality.

Live Stream Scalability

Multidirectional interactive live video streaming scales to and from hundreds of thousands using the RTMP protocol, WebRTC, or your choice of another popular streaming protocol including http live streaming (HLS).


Build your own live streaming applications using our desktop and mobile SDKs. Leverage the RTMP protocol from a variety of real time messaging protocol compliant hardware and software encoders, and deploy the Red5 Pro video streaming platform in your data center/cloud of choice, including a 5G MEC.

Customers need sub-second latency that scales across many industries.

Live Auctions, Government + iOT, Video Games + eSports, Social Media, Broadcast, and Online Gambling

Improve video and audio transmission with Red5 Pro’s live video streaming server and autoscaling solution.

Ultra-Low Latency

The Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) enhances your live stream workflow by delivering low-latency media from software or hardware encoders to WebRTC-based viewers in less than 250 milliseconds anywhere in the world.

Automatic Scaling

Our cross-cloud-based autoscaling solution automatically scales your RTMP server nodes up and down in real time to deliver live video to millions of concurrent viewers.

Quality Streams

Using RTMP ingest is common in online video broadcasting. Combine it with our adaptive bitrate streaming technology to deal with packet loss and poor network conditions and provide superb video quality consistently across any internet connection.

Multi-Browser Support

With Web Standard certified WebRTC, online videos ingested from the Red5 Pro’s media servers can be decoded directly in all modern browsers, plugin-free on any device.

Secure Live Video Streaming

An RTMP encoder can encrypt your video data, and, when paired with WebRTC, allows video streaming to be secured from the software or hardware encoder to the RTMP streaming server and then on to the viewer.

Milliseconds to millions