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Live DVR

The Live DVR feature provides the ability for viewers to seek during a live broadcast stream. This feature requires modifications to server configurations and specifics in the initialization configuration of the WebRTC SDK.

Server Modifications

To enable the server to provide Live DVR functionality, you will need to modify the conf/hlsconfig.xml file in from the server deployment.

Within the hlsconfig.xml you have the option to specify the format of video files to output which will be subscribed to on the client-side to provide DVR functionality:

<property name="outputFormat" value="TS"/>

The default is TS, which will generate transport streams with your standard HLS collection of files with a single .m3u8 manifest and several .ts files. You can also specify FMP4, which will generate fragmented MP4 and SMP4.

For the purporses of this document, we will keep the default TS format.

To enable the server to generate and retain all segments of a stream, you will need to change the dvrPlaylist property to true:

<property name="dvrPlaylist" value="true"/>

With the updated properties set in the conf/hlsconfig.xml, you will need to restart your server in order for them to take effect and allow for Live DVR on the client.

Development Information

Developer information can be found in the DVR API Development Section.