Server Configuration

To use Red5 Pro restreaming, uncomment the following servlet from red5pro/webapps/live/WEB-INF/web.xml, or include it in your custom webapp's web.xml.


In addition, if you are using restreaming in a custom app, it is necessary to modify the red5pro/conf/ipcam-plugin.properties file, modifying the default scope, which is set to live, to be that of your webapp.

# Default scope to attach onto

A note about provisions: there are required fields that must be specified per the implementation beyond what the Restreamer uses and they are:

  • guid - unique identifier
  • context - the context path
  • name - stream name
  • level - priority level (lower the number, the higher the priority 0 > 1)

The restreamer makes primary use of the parameters field in the provision which is a free-form key/value collection. The common keys used by both the IPCam (RTSP) and MPEG-TS plugins are as follows:

  • type - the type of plugin, either ipcam or mpegts
  • action - action to perform, one of create, kill, or list with list being the default
  • port - the port being used for ingest