Red5 Documentation

Server Release 9.1.0

  • New feature – Interstitial Media Insertion which allows a temporary switch between 2 streams, where the audio and the video of a new stream can be inserted into an existing one.
  • New – Active Party Table for WebRTC Publishers and Subscribers, based on libwebrtc spec.
  • New – Added support for sending RPC logging directly from client to server
  • Fixed – Files copied up to Digital Ocean spaces are being set to Public instead of Private
  • Autoscale – new (empty) cluster MySQL database automatically populates on Stream Manager startup.

  • Known issue: with some versions of Chrome on Windows, the browser changes the resolution provided as per the network capacity.
  • Known issue: Release >=9.0.0 does not run on CentOS7. Please continue to use version 8.x if you are using CentOS.