Red5 Documentation

Release 7.0.0

Release 7.0.0, 8 June, 2020

  • Stereo audio published streams in WebRTC (browser dependent)
    • Firefox can publish and play back stereo
    • Chrome publishes stereo but plays back in mono
    • Safari sometimes publishes stereo
    • MS Edge does not publish stereo
  • Support for high audio bitrates.
  • Configuration for high quality audio and high bitrates for WebRTC subscribers transcoded from rtmp/rtsp published streams.
  • Fixed – 6-9 seconds to display video Firefox RTC Publisher to Chrome RTC subscriber
  • Ice4j Role Conflict Patch (Firefox edge-case scenario)
  • Fixed – In a cluster, stream sometimes does not show/play on one edge but is fine on another
  • Fixed – Added a special download to address Red5 Pro not running on Windows Server versions

Autoscaling API 4.0 Updates

  • Autoscaling API has been updated to 4.0. Please see stream manager upgrade documentation for adding client backwards compatibility
  • New – Standalone terraform server to support multiple stream managers behind a load balancer see updated documentation
  • New – Option to target a specific image per node type in launch configuration
  • New – Node Relations Map, displays relations between nodes in a group in a more graphical manner
  • New – able to request transcoder by region
  • Updated SM relay logic so that edges only connect to one relay, to better distribute load
  • Updated WebSocket proxy implementation for scalability and more stable connections in high load situations
  • Updated SM response logic for getting multiple subscriber requests at the same time to distribute traffic better amongst multiple edges
  • Updated SM logic to check for a stream before directing a subscriber to an edge
  • Updated SM logic to wait for edges to be inservice before directing subscribers
  • Added support for additional AWS regions, including China and African regions
  • Fixed – In an autoscaling group with multiple transcoders – streams published to one transcoder are also displaying on other transcoders
  • Fixed – Republishing same stream name doesn’t return new entry in event/usage api call
  • Updated stream manager examples added to the streaming HTML5 testbed