Red5 Documentation

Release 4.2.0

  • Added transcode support for Android VP8 WebRTC subscribe/publish
  • Added support for WebRTC mute/unmute – audio and video
  • Fixed – Force cluster edge restreamer retry and preserve ongoing stream relay
  • Fixed – Some RTMP publishers failing to stream HLS
  • Fixed – Send API was not working over cluster/autoscaling
  • Fixed – Video only was failing for RTC subscribers
  • Fixed – HLS video playback in VLC
  • Fixed – HLS playback failing for some streams with mixed case
  • New Autoscale Controller JARs with this release
  • Autoscaling: update for VPNs in multiple AWS regions
  • Autoscaling: fixed – occasional issues adding nodegroup in a second AWS region (added aws.vpcName value)
  • Autoscaling: fixed some logging typos and errors

Known issues: some instability with iOS Safari subscriber; bug has been filed with Apple regarding freeze and occasional crash of WebKit