Red5 Documentation

Server Release 11.0.0

New Feature – WHIP and WHEP

Red5 Pro Server Release 11.0.0 introduces support for the WHIP (WebRTC HTTP Ingestion Protocol) and WHEP (WebRTC HTTP Egress Protocol) bringing standardization and increased connection speeds to WebRTC publishing and playback. WHIP and WHEP are based on the WebRTC HTTP Ingestion Draft and WebRTC HTTP Egress Draft respectively. More information can be found in our WHIP and WHEP Blog Post.

Other Updates

  • DVR – Added support for DVR with HLS.
  • Zixi Restreamer – Added support for Zixi.
  • Castlabs DRM – Added support for Castlabs DRM. Contact sales if you are interested in using this feature.
  • RTT – Round Trip Time API call that informs publishers or subscribers the round trip time to the server to which they are connected.
  • KLV Metadata from SRT – Key Length Value metadata from SRT streams are passed to WebRTC subscribers via the WebRTC datachannel.


  • Single server and Stream Manager use same exact API when using WHIP and WHEP. No need for separate REST calls to Stream Manager to be assigned nodes like web socket signaling.
  • New Service file auto-detects and sets memory.
  • Time to start playing streams improved when using WHIP and WHEP.

Bug Fixes

  • Many fixes around unusual encoder timestamping and other behaviors
  • Network port range is now honored properly
  • RTA fix for publishing with incorrect credentials
  • Dry stream fixes for scenarios with relays
  • HLS Segment Size fixes