Red5 Documentation

Patch Release 10.9.2

  • Fixed: Cloudstorage success and failure webhook messages not logging consistently for all cloud providers
  • Fixed: HLS .ts segments are not getting copied up to cloudstorage while stream is live when <property name="uploadOnTheFly" value="true"/>
  • Fixed: Metadata files are not getting created with HLS recording <property name="writeJsonMetadata" value="true"/>
  • Fixed: Custom cloudstorage parameters are not uploading at specified custom path for AWS S3 bucket
  • Fixed: Transcoded stream variants are not recorded with HLS <property name="forceVODRecord" value="true"/>
  • Fixed: HLS recording continues after the stopRecord API call has been executed against a subscope
  • Fixed: JSON metadata file gets removed from the server after recording is created when <property name="writeJsonMetadata" value="true"/>