Red5 Documentation

Server Release 10.3.0

  • Added: Custom cloud storage parameters for uploading to a specific path in any of the Red5 Pro support cloud storage platforms
  • Added: Configuration to delete recordings from disk as soon as they are uploaded to any of the Red5 Pro supported cloud storage platforms (set to false by default)
  • Added: Stream authentication for live and on-demand HLS
  • Improved: Extracted Network properties configuration into its own config file
  • Improved: Updated Terraform version to v13.7
  • Fixed: Issues with some SRT encoders
  • Fixed: Nodegroups automatically deleted and recreated when checkCorruptedNodes=true
  • Fixed: No handling for rejections of RTSP client when authentication credentials are incorrect
  • Fixed: ShortTermStatistics API call not getting updated values until after a stream is stopped
  • Fixed: Stream Manager Cloudstorage APIs not providing the correct response
  • Several minor bug fixes