Release 5.2.0

Release 5.2.0, 11 October, 2018

  • Fixed - Number of file descriptors opened keeps growing on servers with multiple NICs or multiple external IPs
  • Fixed - ICE Connection issues with Firefox v62
  • Added - On-demand streaming available via clustered edge servers
  • Added - Can configure UDP port range for WebRTC in webrtc-plugin.properties (defaults are 49152-65535)
  • WebRTC performance optimizations

    • Smaller CPU spikes on connections
    • Even lower latency
    • Higher server capacity
  • Updated Azure autoscaling cloud controller to support new instance types
  • Updated AWS autoscaling cloud controller to support new regions
  • Fixed - Can't broadcast a stream with name event via Stream Manager

Autoscaling API v3.1 - New Features:

Release 5.2.0 Server Performance Metrics

Publishing a 256kbps stream via RTMP, we were able to achieve the following while still maintaining quality of stream:

  • 500 WebRTC subscribers
  • 1,800 RTSP (mobile) subscribers
  • 1,000 RTMP subscribers

The same server type can support approximately forty 480p RTMP publishers