Red5 Documentation

Release 1.0.0

  • Bug fix for Null meta data – ffmpeg bug in ramp publishing
  • Fixed unable to record
  • Fixed restream errors related to strict amf0
  • Fixed AAC sample rate handling
  • Improved HLS reliability
  • Fixed HLS streams with audio only
  • Improved HLS timestamps and memory management
  • Fixed core bug for mobile subscribers not calling stream playback security
  • Fixed bug for round robin clustering in autoscaled appliances.
  • Removed Servlet dependencies
  • Hardened fix for concurrency
  • Added more verbose logging
  • Fixed room name issue with using very long names in clustering
  • Fixed rare Nullpointer exception at startup
  • Fixed some artifacting with FLV recording
  • Fixed append and record
  • Cleanup to queuing too many packets during rebuffing