Red5 Documentation

SDK Release 5.0.0

  • Removed onbeforeunload hook to dismantle sockets.
  • Allowed for auth/validation on HLS Subscribers – enabling auth/validation using connectionParam options on HLS Subscribers. This will internally attempt to make a connection on a WebSocket using the connection parameters. If the socket is opened, it is considered successful validation. If rejected, the client is shutdown.
  • Fix for mutiple property updates on shared object integration.
  • offload translation logic for orientation to focus on dynamic layout updates.
  • Added iceTransport config option.
  • WebRTC subscriber config prop maintainConnectionOnSubscribeErrors.
  • Removal of unnecessary bandwidth config prop on subscribers.
  • Exposed autoLayoutOrientation – defaulted to true. When set to false, it is up to the developer to assign transitions as related to orientation of broadcasts.

Updates to Webrtcexamples

  • Stream Manager tests separated out from standalone tests
  • Stream Manager tests incremented to API 3.0
  • New Stream Manager tests for new features added, including Transcoder tests