Red5 Documentation

SDK Release 4.0.0


Please see the HTML5 SDK Migration Guide for detailed information on updates and upgrading from HTML5 SDK v3.5.0 to v4.0.0

  • Internalized the getUserMedia (gUM) request in order to simplify the intialization-to-broadcast sequence of Publishers.
  • Removal of explicitly defining and assigning views for Publishers and Subscribers.
  • Introduction of Red5 Pro HTML SDK Playback Controls.
  • Change in Subscriber API from play() to subscribe() as request to start playback.
  • Change in Subscriber API from stop() to unsubscribe() as request to cancel current playback.
  • Removal of auto-play from Subscriber functionality.
  • Removal of VideoJS support in Flash/RTMP and HLS clients.
  • Fixed – HTML5 Streaming Examples Shared Objects example not working
  • Fixed – Conflicts when including SDK in app that already uses babel-polyfill