SDK Release 4.2.0

Android SDK Release 4.2.0 - 11 December, 2017

Android SDK:

  • Added support for publishing and subscribing via Domain Name in URL
  • Added support for Android Camera2 API
  • Added mute/unmute support (and example in Android Streaming app)
  • Added force metadata
  • Fixed - Android R5Stream.stop() doesn't truly stop
  • Fixed - Subscriber crash when connecting over lossy network
  • Fixed - Application stops when calling stop of a publish stream without calling the publish ()
  • Fixed - Crash when closing two-way Android streaming example
  • Fixed - Subscriber crash on Publisher disconnect with Android Marshmallow devices
  • Fixed - Publish - Device Orientation Android Streaming example doesn't work with tablets
  • Fixed - some Android devices interpret Bytes as Kilobytes in publish request
  • Improved reliability of Subscriber - Reconnect example in Streaming Android