Red5 Documentation

SDK Release 1.2.0

Android SDK:

  • Fixed: Auto-reconnect – inconsistent connection to stream that hasn’t been published yet
  • Fixed bug where subscribing to Stereo audio did not work
  • Fixed Audio Encoding – Compression errors
  • Fixed bug where some MP4 videos would not play back
  • Fixed bug where MP4 Video On Demand, Video Only was rendering with timestamps
  • Fixed Image Streaming issue
  • Fixed layout bug where surface views not drawing over top
  • Fixed Disconnect Bug – update flow to support resumed media coming in
  • Fixed bug where subscribing early to a stream gets no audio or video / but stats show flow

Android Testbed:

Fixed Bugs:

  • Android Test Projects: not releasing camera properly causing crash
  • Android Testbed: Bitrate in Global Properties isn’t used by any test
  • Android Test Bed: publishing with audio toggled off displays a blank video


  • Updated Two Way Example Documentation
  • Custom Video Source example added
  • R5Audiocontroller audio only example
  • Added Remote Call (RPC) Publish/Subscribe examples
  • Added Stream Manager Publish//Subscribe examples
  • Added Publish – No View example
  • Update default settings for better streaming experience