Red5 Documentation

SDK Release 1.1.0

Android SDK:

  • Stability improvements
  • Pixelation Issues Fixed – prior when filming quick movements, discoloration and pixellation would occur this has been fixed
  • Fixed a disconnect bug which was causing disconnects with certain devices at random intervals
  • Fixed issues with some androids showing the camera feed upside down
  • Fixed Double Subscriber bug which would cause a crash when the second stream subscribed
  • Improvements to adaptive bitrate functionality
  • Fixed an x86 bug that was causing a crash on subscribe
  • Fixed a bug that was causing crashing when using back camera on some android devices

Android Testbed:

  • Brand new Android Testbed Released to Github
  • Created Audio/Video only Toggles
  • Created Testbed Documentation of Testbed and how to utilize the Examples
  • Created Publish Example
  • Created Publish 1200 Example
  • Created Publish ABR Example
  • Created Publish Camera Swap Example
  • Created Publish Image Capture Example
  • Created Publish Orientation Example
  • Created Publish Record Example
  • Created Subscribe Example
  • Created Subscribe Aspect Ratio Example
  • Created Subscribe Bandwidth Test Example
  • Created Subscribe Cluster Example
  • Created Subscribe Image Capture Example
  • Created Subscribe Two Stream (Double Subscriber) Example
  • Created Two Way Example