Red5 Documentation

Upgrading Stream Manager (general)

This document assumes that you have already set up an autoscaling environment on a cloud platform.

We generally recommend updating the database per theinstructions if at all possible. This is absolutely required if there are any changes to the database structure or data values.

Update Stream Manager

Per “How to Upgrade Red5 Pro Server,” the cleanest way to upgrade the Stream Manager will be to:

  1. Download the latest Red5 Pro Server distribution and the latest Red5 Pro Autoscaling Library Extensions for your cloud platform from to your local machine.
  2. Copy both files up to the Stream Manager.
  3. Copy and unzip the new distribution into /usr/local/, but NOT into the existing red5pro directory.
  4. Copy the new cloud controller jar file to the webapps/streammanager/WEB-INF/lib/ directory of the new server distribution.
  5. Remove /conf/autoscale.xml, /plugins/red5pro-autoscale-plugin-###.jar, and /plugins/red5pro-webrtc-plugin-###.jar from the new server distribution.
  6. Note the values in the previous {red5prohome}/webapps/streammanager/WEB-INF/ file and edit the new webapps/streammanager/WEB-INF/ per those values.

When you are ready to upgrade the server version

  1. Rename your existing red5pro folder to bak.red5pro (sudo mv red5pro bak.red5pro).
  2. Rename the new server distribution directory to red5pro (sudo mv red5pro-server-* red5pro).
  3. Kill the Red5 Pro Service (ps aux | grep java to get the Red5 Pro PID, then sudo kill -9 <PID>).
  4. Start the Red5 Pro Service sudo systemctl start red5pro.
  5. Following the API Basics below, create a new nodegroup and add an origin server.
  6. Once the new nodegroup is up, terminate the old nodegroup.