Red5 Documentation

Create a new Disk Image with the updated build

It is recommended to use your existing node image(s) as a base and to upgrade on a new VM created from those (unless there is an OS change or update between versions). This will save you from repeating the optimizations and libraries installation steps.

If you have different images configured for different node types, make sure to carry over the differences for your new images.

Create a new AMI/Image for AWS

See the Create AMI Image from Instance section of Prepare Red5 Pro AMI for Nodes.

Create a new Image for Google Cloud

See Create Disk Image.

Create a new Image for Digital Ocean

See create node image

Create a new Image for Microsoft Azure

See prepare Red5 Pro image for nodes.

Create a new Image for Linode

See create node image.

NOTE: If required for the platform, make sure to copy the image to all of the regions where you have nodegroups.