Red5 Documentation

Installing Stream Manager on Simulated Cloud

If you wish to run the Red5 Pro autoscaling solution on a hosted platform other than AWS or Google, then you can use the Simulated Cloud API.

In order to use the Red5 Pro Stream Manager service you will need the following:

  1. The latest Red5 Pro Server build
  2. The simulated-cloud-controller.jar, from the Red5 Pro Autoscaling Library Extensions section
  3. An active Red5 Pro license key, Startup Pro level or higher. REGISTER HERE.. Note: clustering and autoscaling are not supported by TRIAL or DEVELOPER license types.
  4. Dedicated Linux instances on which you can deploy Red5 Pro.

Before you Begin

You will want to keep a record of the usernames, passwords, IP addresses, and other information generated during the setup process, as you will need the information for Stream Manager configuration and future operations via the API.

Click here to download a handy list for tracking all of your Red5 Pro Simulated Cloud Autoscaling values

Reserve a static IP address for your Stream Manager

You will need a static IP address for the Stream Manager in order to configure your nodes.

If you are going to use WebRTC publishing, then you will also need to register a domain name and procure an SSL Certificate for the Stream Manager.