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1. Reserve Static IP for Stream Manager

NOTE: if you are going to use GCP Autoscaling for Stream Managers, you do not need to reserve a static IP address.

It is critical that the Stream Manager have a static IP address, so that in the event that the instance is rebooted, it will retain the same public IP address. You can reserve a static IP address via the Google Cloud SDK. Choose the region in which you wish to host the stream manager:

gcloud compute --project <your-project-id> addresses create streammanagerip --region <preferred-region>

You can also reserve a static IP address via the Google Cloud Console. Navigate to VPC Networks, External IP Addresses and assign an IP.

Reserve Static IP

Google cloud offers two types of static IP addresses- Premium and Standard. The Premium IP addresses (default selection) are optimized for better routing using google’s own backbone. The shell command specified above will reserve a Premium IP address. To know more about IP addresses and their differences take a look at official documentation on External IP addresses

Make a note of the assigned IP address. You will need this for Database permissions and Stream Manager configuration.