1. Get Security Credentials (IAM)

Obtain security credentials for stream manager AWS account access:

  • Go to the Amazon Identity and Access Management Dashboard
  • From left-hand navigation, click on Users
  • Click on “Add User”
  • Set user details: enter the username "streammanager"; Select AWS access type: choose Programmatic access. Click on Next: Permissions setuserdetails
  • Select Attach existing policies directly. In the Filter: Policy type, type in EC2FullAccess. Place a check beside this choice, and click on Next: Review ec2full
  • Review, and click on Create user
  • Download the .csv file and/or click on Show to reveal the access and secret keys generated. It is critical that you make a note of these, as you will not be able to retrieve them from the AWS console if you happen to lose them. downloadcsv
  • Click “close” to close the window and return to IAM Users screen.
  • You should be able to see the user you recently created - “streammanager” in the list on the page.