Red5 Documentation

Create MySQL Database

Oracle Hosted Database

Navigate to the DB Systems section in the Compartment where you’re configuring your autoscale environment.

  1. Click on Create DB System
  2. Give your database an easily identifiable name
  3. If this is a low-traffic or QA environment you can choose Standalone. High Availability is recommended for production environments.
  4. Create Administrator Credentials, and record the username and password in your checklist (note: Administrator password must be between 8 and 32 characters, and contain at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 numeric, and 1 special character.)
  5. Configure networking, select the VCN and subnet you created.
  6. Configure hardware, click on Change Shape. Database size requirements depend on the number of nodes in your nodegroup and the number of concurrent connecting clients. The max_connections value is dependent on shape. See below for the defaults.
  7. If this is a production environment, then Show advanced options and place a check in Delete protected. Most of the data stored are ephemeral, so automatic backups are not strictly necessary.
  8. Click on Create (it can take 10-15 minutes to create the database)
  9. When it is created, copy the private IP to your checklist (you will need this for the stream manager and terraform connections).

Configure MySQL Database

  1. In order to modify the MySQL database, you will need to connect from a VM in the same VCN and subnet (for ease of management, you can do this from your stream manager). Important: make sure that port 3306 is included in the security rules for your subnet, otherwise you will not be able to connect.
  2. Install the MySQL client: sudo apt-get install mysql-client
  3. Connect to your database: mysql --host <database-private-IP> -u <Username> -p
  4. When prompted to Enter password: enter the password created above.
  5. From the mysql> prompt, type: create database cluster; and then return.
  6. Type quit to exit the database.

Max Connections

The OCI managed MySQL max_connections value is dependent on the VM shape. The default values per shape are:

  • 8GB shapes – 500
  • 16GB shapes – 1000
  • 32GB shapes – 2000
  • 64GB shapes – 4000
  • all shapes larger than 64GB – 8000