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4. Reserve A Static IP Address

Note: Public IP resources are not the same as Reserved Virtual Addresses (Azure classic deployment).

  • Navigate to the Azure portal
  • Navigate to Public IP Addresses.
  • Click on +Add
  • Fill in the relevant information for creating a new IP public addresses
    • Name: Name to associate with your Stream Manager
    • IP Version: Select IPv4
    • IP address assignment: Static
    • Idle Timeout: 4 (Leave at default)
    • DNS name label: None (Leave at default)
    • Create an IPv6 address: Unchecked (Leave at default)
    • Subscription: Select your subscription (Use the same subscription that is used for AD access authentication)
    • Resource group: Select “Use existing” and select your autoscaling resource group.
    • Location: Select the region where the IP address will be reserved.
    • Click Create to create the IP address. It will take a few seconds to create the IP address resource.
Reserve IP

How to delete a reserved public IP address using CLI or the portal’s GUI


  • Navigate to All Resources or Public IP Addresses in the portal.
  • Identify the Public IP address resource and delete it.


az network public-ip delete -n <static-ip-resource-name> -g <resource-group-name>