Red5 Documentation

Before you begin

You will want to keep a record of the usernames, passwords, IP addresses, and other information generated during the setup process, as you will need the information for stream manager configuration and future operations via the API.

Click here to download a handy list for tracking all of your Red5 Pro Autoscaling values

Optional: download and install the Azure CLI

For ease of administration, you may want to customize the Favorites menu (left hand navigation bar).

  • Click on More services > to expand
  • Click in the Star (to change from grey to gold) for the following:

    • Azure Active Directory
    • Subscriptions
    • Resource Groups
    • Public IP Addresses
    • Virtual Networks
    • Network Security Groups
    • Azure Database for MySQL servers
    • Virtual Machines
    • Images

For some additional information on Red5 Pro Autoscaling on the Azure platform, check out Autoscaling on Microsoft Azure – Overview

Throughout this setup guide, we shall be using the azure resource prefix (ie: ) value as red5proautoscaling