US Gov Regions Support

Us Government Regions are special regions that are isolated from other regions and made available to Us residents/citizens only. This region cannot be accessed from the standard AWS console page. These regions have their own console. At the time of writing this section, the only region available is us-gov-west-1 which can be accessed from https://console.amazonaws-us-gov.com/.

The important thing to know is that you cannot use your standard AWS credentials with the gov regions (not even if they are root credentials). Thus the usage of the gov regions and the standard regions via the aws-cloud-controller is mutually exclusive and you cannot support gov region(s) as well as standard region(s) at the same time using the same stream manager setup.

The controller by default supports standard regions for operations.To configure the controller for us gove region(s), set the controller property aws.forUsGovRegions to true in the streammanager red5-web.properties file. When you configure the controller for Us Gov regions, make sure to use the correct credentials (accessKey and accessSecret).