Publish and Subscribe Examples

Stream Manager Proxy Publish and Subscribe Examples

With the latest release, the live webapp includes two examples: proxy-publisher.html and proxy-subscriber.html. These examples will take the following query parameters:

NameDescriptionDefault Value
hosthostname or IPwindow.location.hostname
protocolprotocol which Stream Manager is served over (HTTP or HTTPS)window.location.protocol
portport number that Stream Manager is served onwindow.location.port
appwebapp name to stream to on the serverlive
streamNameThe unique stream name to broadcast with or subscribe toNone. Required
verboseFlag to enable verbose logging in Dev ConsoleNone. optional
viewTarget broadcast tech (RTC, RTMP, or HLS)None. Optional

Example URI: https://streammanager.test.com/live/proxy-publisher.html?streamName=stream1&verbose=1

Red5 Pro HTML5 SDK Examples:

Stream Manager examples

Note: the streaming-html5 examples testbed is included with the Red5 Pro server distribution, and can be accessed via your stream manager at https://your.server.url/webrtcexamples/.

Red5 Pro iOS SDK Examples:

Publish - Stream Manager

Subscribe - Stream Manager

Red5 Pro Android SDK Examples:

Publish - Stream Manager

Subscribe - Stream Manager