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Migrating from `5.4.0` to `5.5.0`

Migrating from 5.4.0 to 5.5.0

The 5.5.0 release of the Red5 Pro WebRTC SDK including some modifications to SharedObjects to allow for “decoupling” the managament and communication API from the underlying connections for Publishers and Subscribers. In the 5.5.0 release, SharedObjects can now be used by themselves without requiring an already established connection to the server.

  • The SharedObject API has been decoupled from requiring previously established stream clients (Publisher and/or Subscriber).
    • By decoupling the previous requirement to use a established stream client, SharedObjects can now be used with establishing a WebSocket connection and providing that as the connection to communicate over SharedObjects.
    • The Red5 Pro WebRTC SDK provides a Red5ProSharedObjectSocket class to serve as a proxy to an underlying WebSocket and convenience in communicating to and from the Red5 Pro Server when using SharedObjects.
    • The SharedObject API can still be employed using a stream client connection as was possible in previous SDK versions.

Additionally, notification support for latest browser vendor restictions on the autoplay policy have been included.

  • Utilize the muteOnAutoplayRestriction initialization configuration property for Subscriber clients in order to attempt auto-muting of subscribers to allow – at least – video auto-playback when browsers enforce the muted autoplay policy.
  • Listen for events related to autoplay restictions in order to provide a better User Experience for your customers.
  • Please refer to the Autoplay Restictions section from the Subscriber documentation.