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Auto Failover and Order

While you can specifically target a player – as described in the previous sections – you may want to let the library select the optimal player based on browser compatibility per support flavors.

Important Note

It is important to note that the failover mechanism of the SDK is driven by browser support and does not depend on any third-party libraries.

As such, specific failover targets – such as HLS – require native browser support. In the case of HLS, this means failover and playback are limited to Safari Mobile and Safari Desktop when using our SDK.

It is entirely possible to playback streams in HLS using a 3rd-Party library (such as VideoJS), but you will not be able to do so while utilizing the Red5 Pro WebRTC SDK.

For more information on how to playback HLS in browsers without native support, please refer to the Using VideoJS for Playback section of the Migration Guide.