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Parameters Index

Parameter Description Value Type
streamName The name of the stream for which the data is being provisioned Alphabetic string
scopeName The scopename of the stream for which the data is being provisioned Alphabetic string
meta Top level object for provisioning data NA
authentication Global object containing publisher credentials information for the stream NA
username Username for publisher Alphanumeric string
password Password for publisher Alphanumeric string
stream Master object array with description of stream variants NA
stream=> name Stream variant name Alphabetic string
stream=> bandwidth Stream variant bitrate Numeric value representing bitrate in bytes per second. This property is optional but can be useful if we need to provide bitrate information to a client, that is unable to guess the stream ‘level’. (Optional)
stream=> level Specifies the level for this variant. Higherbitrate streams must havelowerlevel number. Numbering starts from 1 onwards. This is used for abr switching. For a single stream the level should be 0. Numeric positive integer
stream=> properties Additional stream properties holder object for a variant stream. You can override the Global‘authentication’,‘georule’and‘qos’settings by providing an alternate copy of the appropriate object that you need to override inside the‘properties’object. NA
georules Master object containing geo restrictions information NA
georules => regions An array of region / location identifiers Alphanumeric String (supports hyphens)
georules => restricted Indicates whether the location identifiers are inclusive or exclusive Boolean true/false
qos Network QOS value for the Stream Qos value should represent the index of the QOS content intended. (See below)

QOS Constants Index:

QOS Content Index Java Value

Additional Notes

  • meta is the top level object for a stream provision. Stream properties such as authentication, georules or qos which exist at this level are treated as global. Ie, they are automatically copied over to each stream variant unless an override exists.
  • Individual stream objects can include additional custom properties. The json is not validated for custom property names, thus making it flexible for new properties to be added.
  • bandwidth property is optional. Streams are validated by the value of their level attribute. Higher quality stream variant should specify a lower value for the level attribute. Level values start from 1.
  • Stream properties is an optional placeholder to help the provisioner to specify any optional data for a variant. It may also contain its own authentication, georules or qos object. This can be used to override the master authentication, georules and qos object definitions specified at top level directly under the meta object.

Overriding Properties

Global properties can be overridden for a stream variant by specifying the same property in the ‘stream’ variant’s properties container.

EXAMPLE: The following example demonstrates how to specify a different ‘qos’ value for a particular stream variant by name ‘stream_3’.

  • URI:
  • Method: POST
  • Data: JSON
    "meta": {
       "authentication": {
          "username": "acme",
          "password": "acme!newpass"
       "stream": [{
                 "name": "stream_1",
                 "bandwidth": 25000,
                 "level": 3,
                 "properties": {
                 "name": "stream_2",
                 "bandwidth": 37500,
                 "level": 2,
                 "properties": {
                 "name": "stream_3",
                 "bandwidth": 62500,
                 "level": 1,
                 "properties": {
                    "qos": 1
       "georules": {
         "regions": [
          "restricted": "false"
       "qos": 3