Red5 Documentation

Project Setup

  1. Open XCode and Create a New Project
  2. Select a Tabbed Application as the project template
  3. Fill in the appropriate values in the project options and save the project to an approriate place.
    For this example, we named the project Red5ProStreaming.
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* It is important to note that the Red5 Pro Streaming SDK currently does not work in the IOS Simulator. All deployment and testing should be done on an actual iOS device.

With the new project created in XCode:

  1. Unzip the Red5 Pro iOS Streaming SDK
  2. Drag the R5Streaming.framework folder and drop into the newly created project in XCode
  3. Be sure to select ‘Copy items…’ and ‘Create groups…’ with your project as a target in the dialog that will appear

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  4. With the framework linked with your project, you will also need the following frameworks and libraries:

  5. To add these frameworks, select the Project target in XCode and focus on the General panel
  6. Find the Linked Frameworks and Libraries section and click the + button on the bottom left
  7. Select the frameworks and libraries detailed above
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With the project setup as a Tabbed Application and the proper libraries and frameworks defined, we can begin adding code to broadcast and subscribe to a stream.