Red5 Documentation

Upgrading the Android SDK in your Project

To upgrade your project with the latest version of the Red5 Pro Android Streaming SDK:

  • Log into Red5 Pro, and navigate to the Downloads Section.
  • Under the Red5 Pro Streaming SDKs, download the latest streaming SDK for Android.
  • Unzip the file, which contains:
    jniLibs (folder, with the following sub-directories and files:)
  • Replace all of the files and directories listed above with the new ones that you just downloaded.
  • Rebuild your project and launch. When you publish, if you have your device connected to your computer and Android Studio, you should see the new SDK version listed in logcat info output (e.g., Starting R5Pro Client Version

For example, if you open the Red5 Pro Android App on GitHub you’ll find the red5streaming.jar in Red5Pro/lib, and the jniLibs directory under the Red5Pro/src/main directory.