Red5 Pro’s Low-Latency Solution Powers Novetta’s Cutting Edge Solutions

Red5 Pro’s Low-Latency Solution Powers Novetta’s Cutting Edge Solutions

Novetta provides advanced analytics solutions that offer deep data dives, and deliver actionable intelligence on both a national and global scale for Defense, Federal Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community. Novetta’s signature product, Ageon ISR, is a cross-platform web application that works in realtime to give commanders on the ground the control they seek. Through integrated chat services, event/report sharing, and remote sensor control, operators can collaborate through Ageon’s Common Operational Picture to quickly understand what is happening around them in their theatres of operation.

If we can’t provide that low latency, high quality, live streaming video solution to a browser, overall we’re dead in the water. From a capability standpoint, we’ve been pleased with what Red5 Pro has provided. We’ve gotten very good support, it’s a very collaborative relationship. We feel they’re a really good partner for us.

Christopher Regan, Director of Engineering, C4ISR at Novetta

Low Latency Is Mission Critical

Directing an operation means quickly interpreting and responding to events in realtime. Operators identify and assess objects of interest with manually controlled cameras. Accordingly, anything higher than 250ms of latency makes following a quickly moving threat nearly impossible. On top of that, all the operations data needs to be in sync as Ageon ingests data from various sources like radar, acoustic, and seismic sensors.

Originally, Novetta’s video solution was based on proprietary and VLC browser plugins. But this solution was not sustainable, and Novetta needed a better way to reliably deliver high quality, low latency live video as NPAPI plugin support was deprecated by major browsers. For their high-profile clients like the Department of Defense and Border Security, the difference between success and failure is mere milliseconds; a dropped stream or delayed feed can be highly consequential.

Reinforcing with Red5 Pro

After investing a great deal of effort researching and evaluating various technologies and providers, Novetta determined that WebRTC was the only technology that could meet the low latency and quality requirements without plugins. Bandwidth, stability and scalability were also crucial concerns. With sub 250ms of latency, an established product, and scalability into the millions (not to mention excellent technical support), Red5 Pro offered a perfect match. Most importantly, all those requirements have been deployed, tested and proven in the real world. Failure is not an option, and Red5 Pro delivers.

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