HLS: Because Apple Doesn’t Like Sharing

Jetpacks have been a mainstay for starry-eyed dreamers and futurists for a long time. Despite the occasional story from some engineer a-la stunt-double, that potential continues unrealized, a mere daydream of all those frustrated commuters stuck in traffic. At Red5 Pro, we’re also focused on the future and strive to build it (albeit more concretely).… Continue reading HLS: Because Apple Doesn’t Like Sharing

A New Kind of Vision

Soldiers and poets; ordinarily the two occupy different worlds. That is, until live-streaming gets involved. Thanks to the extraordinary developers at Good Company they have enabled a soldier, blinded in combat, to once again connect to his surroundings. Wearing a pair of WiFi enabled iVue glasses and earphones, Major Scott Smiley sent a live-stream to… Continue reading A New Kind of Vision