Red5 Pro and Singular pair real-time video and graphics

Red5 Pro and Singular pair
real-time video and graphics



Singular, “the world’s most advanced digital overlay platform”, is the top outfit for anyone looking for custom, broadcast-quality graphic overlays. Singular is a cloud-native platform available on any web-enabled device, so the user has easy control over the graphics they want to see, even on mobile devices. And because these are graphic overlays, they can either be burned onto the live video signal in real-time or rendered on the viewers device, meaning they can be changed easily at a later stage. For example, if a company changes their branding, this can be updated across all graphics even if already published, or if a person in a video is promoted, their new title can be added without issue.

A lot of our clients like ‘tried and tested.’ They need to know something is going to work. Lots of people talk about low latency, scalability, and all the fantastic buzzwords, but there’s no substitute for actually delivering on the promise. For us, we need to know that our partners will deliver, and Red5 Pro absolutely do.

Mike Ward, Head of Marketing, Singular.Live

A New Discovery

…However, being a digital graphics overlay company meant they needed a digital video partner. And then they found Red5 Pro. As the two companies got to know each other, they realized that the quality of each others’ products is second to none. Singular has leveraged Red5 Pro’s streaming video capabilities to offer the broadcast industry real-time video content with their customizable, real-time overlays to enhance an end-user’s experience, complete with upgraded “wow” factor.

After collaborating with Red5 Pro at some conferences in the US, Singular now fully recommends Red5 Pro for any client or prospect in need of a live-stream video component. They have seen time and again, and trust, the quality of the scalable, low-latency production that Red5 Pro excels at.

The importance of real-time latency and scalability

Singular partners with Red5 Pro for their low, low latency and ability to scale to millions because their clients are predominantly broadcasters who feature popular sporting events. Since broadcasters already scale to millions, the proven reliability of Red5 Pro is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. And bonus: because Red5 Pro streaming is cloud-based, it helps drive costs down as there is less equipment needed, and fewer employees needed to bring the magic to life.

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