Paddy Power Online Betting

Paddy Power Online Betting

Online gambling continues to rise in popularity around the globe, with micro-betting emerging as the next big thing. But enabling customers to bet on outcomes that may be only moments from taking place brings a new set of challenges. Any latency in the video stream could give an unfair advantage to fans watching the game or race in person or those with faster streaming connections. 

Irish gaming company Paddy Power experienced this challenge first-hand. Paddy Power was reliant on an expensive satellite solution to deliver video to its more than 600 shop locations. With latencies of more than two seconds and regular downtimes surpassing 24 hours, finding a flexible, reliable, reasonably priced solution with a low enough latency became crucial. In an effort to broaden gaming options in its shop locations, Paddy Power is replacing satellite-delivered video with low-latency over-the-top (OTT) media streaming. 

Online Betting Solution – A Perfectly Paired Tech Stack

Complex problems require multifaceted solutions. For Paddy Power, integrator Tyrell selected Red5’s platform to handle their ultra-low latency streaming needs. They replaced the expensive satellite solution with reliable and fast cloud-based hosting from AWS. The tech stack was rounded out with Amino’s set-top boxes, and encoders from Cinergy to create a custom autoscaling streaming solution that meets the near real-time requirements necessary for reliable and fair micro-betting. Built-in redundancy ensures a quality stream is always available and updates can happen quickly and seamlessly. Not only will Paddy Power meet current customer needs, but it can also look forward to future-proof business offerings with Red5’s ability to embed relevant data in video streams, providing customers with up-to-date stats, pertinent weather conditions, and regionally specific news.

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