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What is my IP Address and how can I change it?


What is my IP Address and how can I change it?


If you are running the server locally (localhost) then the number that comes up when you go to http://localhost:5080/live/ is likely your machine’s IP address.

If you have wifi and/or an ethernet connection, then there will be a second IP address. To publish/subscribe with other devices in your network you should use the Wireless IP (you can find that in the network properties of your machine).

If you know the IP address you would like to use, you can change it.  In the top right corner of the main server page (the page you hit at port 5080, http://<Your IP Address>:5080/live/, or http://localhost:5080/live/) there is an option to update the IP address by clicking on “Not the Correct IP Address?”.

Please note: 
The IP address isn’t *set* by red5pro – it is read by the UI.