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What are Extra Instances and How Will I be Charged?


What are extra instances and how will I be charged?


An instance is essentially a single copy of a running program.  Depending upon your pricing plan, a set number of instances will be included with your monthly fee.  Each copy that is added to your hosted server counts as an instance.  If you need to spin up another server to handle the data – say for a higher video quality, more subscribers to your stream, etc., you will be charged for another instance.  This cost varies according to your plan.

Please note, if you have run an additional instance for 15 minutes or more then you will be charged for that instance on that month’s statement.

If you are concerned with staying within budget, you can modify the maxLimit property found in the Scale Property Policy to set the maximum number of instances that Autoscaler is allowed to add to a cluster.

Additional note, you will only be charged for the highest number of instances that were running at the same time. For example, if, during weeks 1 and 2, you spin up 10 instances, but during weeks 3 and 4, you spin up 15, you will only be charged for 15 instances that month.