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WebRTC Client-Side Troubleshooting – WebConsole and WebRTC Internals

There are several methods of troubleshooting WebRTC from the client-side.


WebConsole Output


  • Navigate to your ​publishing or subscribing ​URL
  • In the top Right corner click on the 3 dots at the end ​of ​the ​address ​bar ​to ​pull ​down ​the ​menu 
  • ​Select More ​Tools, ​then ​select Developer ​Tools 



  • Navigate to your ​publishing or subscribing ​URL
  • In the top Right corner click on the 3 lines at the end ​of ​the ​address ​bar ​to ​pull ​down ​the ​menu 
  • ​Select Web Developer, then Web Console





WebRTC Internals

The Internals will give information about a stream – and can be run against a publisher or subscriber.

Chrome – in browser, type:  chrome://webrtc-internals

You’ll see a list of stats and graphs that looks something like:

Stats Tables
googTrack_f14571e5-15e6-4472-be33-75309fa040b8 (googTrack)
googTrack_8e23356e-3c41-42d4-88b2-4de829d8ff2f (googTrack)
googLibjingleSession_6107580852626033425 (googLibjingleSession)
bweforvideo (VideoBwe)
Cand-nAQro9U5 (localcandidate)
Cand-Qy6pV4wD (localcandidate)
Cand-9STfZm4i (localcandidate)
Cand-SAU4ERjv (localcandidate)
Cand-HebEPbRR (localcandidate)
Cand-dTgI5Ra8 (localcandidate)
Cand-RR8x8uis (localcandidate)
Cand-3JM9ZC7B (localcandidate)
googCertificate_1D:15:81:BB:20:90:33:07:08:24:9A:6F:56:7F:F2:39:7D:0A:BD:27:8C:C6:A9:F7:F5:78:2A:3B:C7:AC:6A:4C (googCertificate)
Channel-audio-1 (googComponent)
Cand-dFMc3AC9 (localcandidate)
Cand-UOLm3CvQ (localcandidate)
Cand-N0E91wUh (localcandidate)
Cand-h3yK3zY/ (localcandidate)
Cand-zrShUA/Q (localcandidate)
Cand-3NwYUZjp (localcandidate)
Cand-c2JmpJWR (localcandidate)
Cand-B8vcfUrW (localcandidate)
ssrc_753132291_send (ssrc)
ssrc_2599869863_send (ssrc)
googCertificate_CD:B1:67:41:8B:39:60:26:B9:FF:F4:A3:9E:7F:50:78:3C:D4:6A:39:5F:AD:A8:9B:42:BF:95:03:C3:4A:2F:D9 (googCertificate)
Cand-HiGza8sd (localcandidate)
Cand-Qp7opzJh (localcandidate)
Conn-audio-1-0 (googCandidatePair)
Cand-IwxzfTbo (remotecandidate)
Conn-audio-1-1 (googCandidatePair)
Stats graphs for bweforvideo (VideoBwe)
Stats graphs for Cand-nAQro9U5 (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-Qy6pV4wD (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-9STfZm4i (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-SAU4ERjv (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-HebEPbRR (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-dTgI5Ra8 (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-RR8x8uis (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-3JM9ZC7B (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-dFMc3AC9 (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-UOLm3CvQ (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-N0E91wUh (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-h3yK3zY/ (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-zrShUA/Q (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-3NwYUZjp (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-c2JmpJWR (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-B8vcfUrW (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for ssrc_753132291_send (ssrc) (audio)
Stats graphs for ssrc_2599869863_send (ssrc) (video)
Stats graphs for Cand-HiGza8sd (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Cand-Qp7opzJh (localcandidate)
Stats graphs for Conn-audio-1-0 (googCandidatePair)
Stats graphs for Cand-IwxzfTbo (remotecandidate)
Stats graphs for Conn-audio-1-1 (googCandidatePair)
The useful stats will look like the following – note that Audio and Video are tracked separately.
The useful graphs will have a similar format:

Firefox – in browser, type: about:webrtc

Firefox doesn’t have graphs like Chrome does, but will give you details on:


Local SDP (Answer)
Remote SDP (Offer)

RTP Stats


All of the above can be extremely helpful in troubleshooting WebRTC.