Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting WebRTC Playback from Third-Party Encoders


I’m having problems with WebRTC playback from an encoder. What can I do?


Generally, compatibility issues between third-party encoders and Red5 Pro WebRTC fall around the video profile. If you check out our documentation, you’ll see our suggestions for third-party RTMP publishers.

If you are having problems with the WebRTC subscribing stream, there are two main methods to gather information with Chrome:

1 – The Developer Console

The developer console will print out the SDP “offer” which contains the basics of the stream content. To access the developer console in Chrome, click on the three vertical dots in the top right of your window. Choose “More Tools”, then “Developer Tools”. From the tabs at the top of the developer console, choose “Console”. Search for “sdp” to view the offer given to the subscriber.

2 – WebRTC Internals

chrome://webrtc-internals – gives a lot of information about the WebRTC stream. There will be a different tab for each WebRTC broadcaster/subscriber that you have open. About half-way down the page, right above the page split, you’ll see two entries. Both look like: ssrc_<some-number-sequence>_recv (ssrc). The first should be the audio information and the second will be the video information.

The Stats Graphs at the bottom of the page will show stream statistics, which help troubleshoot whether any WebRTC streaming issues are connected to the publisher or the subscriber.

Original 8/31/2020 – Revised 11/6/2020 MD