Frequently Asked Questions

React Native Beta


Can I publish/subscribe using React Native?

Does Red5 Pro support the use of React Native? 

Is there a final release of Red5Pro’s React Native project?


The Red5 Pro React Native project (publisher and subscriber) is currently in Beta. Because of this, we do not have extended documentation or guides for it yet. That being said, there is plenty of information within the project README already that should be helpful for installation, setup, etc.

You will need a Red5 Pro SDK License and a Red5 Pro Server in order to use the React Native beta project. Sign up for a free trial here.

If you are using our React Native beta project and have questions, feel free to use our public Slack channels to pose those questions to the community. (See How do I get support through Slack?) This is a great way to receive helpful advice and feedback. If you’re working on implementing a feature of your own, the Slack channels are also a good place to find out if anyone else has successfully done so already.

Published 11/18/2020 MD