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Known Issues: 5.7 Server – commons-daemon update for running as a service


Why am I having trouble running the Red5 Pro server as a service?


If updating from a previous release and you intend to run Red5 Pro Server as a Service, the commons-daemon path needs to be updated or created in the /lib/systemd/system/red5pro.service file. This change is necessary as of release 5.7.0. See here for complete instructions: Defining Red5 Pro As a Service.

This is also noted in the Known Issues section of the Release Notes (see below): Known Issues

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR RED5PRO SERVICE: If updating from a previous release, the line
-cp ${RED5_HOME}/commons-daemon-1.0.15.jar:${RED5_HOME}/red5-service.jar:${RED5_HOME}/conf \
must be modified to
-cp ${RED5_HOME}/commons-daemon-1.1.0.jar:${RED5_HOME}/red5-service.jar:${RED5_HOME}/conf \