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How do I install my Red5 Pro License?


How do I install my Red5 Pro License?


License Installation

You can also find these instructions on the main page of your accounts overview page when you log in to

Step 1: Download the Lastest Red5 Pro Server

Download the latest Red5 Pro Server

Step 2: Extract the Server Into a Directory

After you have extracted the server into a directory, create a text file named “LICENSE.KEY”.

In this file, paste in the license key you purchased 1234-1234-1234-1234 and save the file in the Red5 Pro Server root directory.

For example:
If you downloaded it to your Downloads folder, the following Shell commands will install the license:

$ cd ~/Downloads/red5pro-server-latest
$ printf '1234-1234-1234-1234' > LICENSE.KEY

* make sure there are no extra characters or newlines in the LICENSE.KEY file.

Step 3: Restart Red5 Pro

When you restart Red5 Pro, you will see the following two lines in your console logs:

... A valid license has been found. Server is in Professional Mode ...

The server will continue to provide unlimited connections from this point until you have canceled your subscription.

All Set! You’ve successfully added your License Key!